Tax Returns and Filing Extensions for 2018

Individual income tax returns are due on April 17. If you are not ready to file by that date, you may take advantage of Montana’s automatic extension and file by October 15.

In prior years, a valid extension required a payment of 100% of the taxes owed in the previous year or 90% of the taxes due for the current year by the original due date of the return, usually April 15.

Beginning with tax year 2017, individual taxpayers are granted an automatic extension of time to file of up to six months. You do not have to file any form or pay any amount to qualify for the extension.

An extension to file the return is still not an extension to pay.

Although it is not required to receive an extension, individuals may still pay any additional tax due (after accounting for estimated payments and withholding) by the original due date of the return to avoid applicable late payment penalty and interest.

Learn more about your available payment options and filing options.

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