March 1 Deadline Reminder for Property Owners

February 20, 2018

We would like to remind owners of real and personal property about several important deadlines approaching soon:

March 1

  • Business and industrial equipment owners need to report their personal property online with the department’s TransAction Portal (TAP). Businesses have a statutory reporting requirement if their total statewide aggregate market value of equipment is over $100,000. Those businesses whose statewide aggregate market value is $100,000 or less are exempt from taxation and do not have a reporting requirement.
  • Livestock owners have to report the number of livestock owned as of February 1 as livestock is subject to the per capita fees set yearly by the Board of Livestock. If you have not reported livestock in the past or you have not received a reporting form in the mail, you can report your livestock online at
  • Nonprofit, religious, or charitable organizations may qualify for a property tax exemption. Applications must be submitted by March 1 to be considered for 2018.
  • Home owners may qualify for the Land Value Property Tax Assistance program if the department’s appraised market value of their land is more than 150% of the department’s appraised market value of their home and other improvements on the land.

Please find applications and forms in My Revenue or contact a Department of Revenue field office.